High-Quality Kitchen Cleaning Products

Mesk Middle East FZE offers everything you need for keeping your kitchen clean, from Oven Mate & Bar Keepers Friend surface cleaners to Vamoose & eco cleaners. We provide high-quality kitchen cleaning products. Our products are efficient, safe to use and laboratory tested.

  • Note: All products are produced with high biodegradability Raw Materials and tested according to Turkish & European standards in modern internationally awarded laboratories.
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Kitchen Cleaning Products List

SOLIT Hand Dishwashing Agent (High Performance) 5L & 20L
SOLIT HARD Industrial Machine Dishwashing Liquid with chlorine for hard and semi-hard 5L & 20L
SOLIT RINSE Rinse Aid for Industrial Dishwashers 5L & 20L
SOLIT LIME Lime Remover for Industrial Dishwasher 5L & 20L
SINTAN Degreaser 500ml & 5L
BERILON POWER DK 9 Foaming Grill and Oven Cleaner (Sprayer) 500ml & 5L
BERILON STEEL Stainless Steel Cleaning and Caring Agent (Sprayer) 500ml & 5L
SOLIT CLEAN Surface Disinfection Agent (Suitable for the food sector QAC based) 500ml & 5L
BERILON CHLOR Salad Wash Agent 5L & 20L
SOLIT MEGA Stain Remover Pre-Dipping Agent 5L & 20L

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High Quality Cleaning Products

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