High-Quality Laundry Cleaning Products

Mesk Middle East FZE offers everything you need for laundry cleaning like detergents, stain removals, etc. We provide high-quality laundry cleaning products. Our products are efficient, safe to use and laboratory tested.

  • Note: All products are produced with high biodegradability Raw Materials and tested according to Turkish & European standards in modern internationally awarded laboratories.
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Laundry Cleaning Products List

Fortex Stigma Low Foaming Main Washing Liquid 20L
Fortex Alfa Heavy Dirt Remover, Base Booster 20L
Fortex Omega Oxygen Based Bleaching Agent 20L
Fortex Delta Chlorine Based Bleaching Agent 20L
Fortex Beta Liquid Neutralizer 20L
Fortex Kappa Liquid Washing Detergent (Concentrated) 20L
Fortex Soft Sensitive Fabric Softener 20L
Fortex Remover A Rust Remover 500ml
Fortex Remover C Tanin Remover 500ml
Fortex Matik Laundry Low Foaming Complete Laundry Washing Detergent 20KG

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High Quality Cleaning Products

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